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Angry [Video Game]

Angry is a 2D physics-based puzzle game, made in my own OpenGL game engine in C++, using Box2D physics framework to facilitate the game physics. Developed in 2019.

Battleship++ [ASCII Console Game]

A fully-functional, console-only battleship game, made entirely using C++. The player can choose their ship placements, or have them automatically placed. The AI will try to figure out where the player's ships are in a realistic manner. Made in 2017.

Slots++ [ASCII Console Game]

A fully-featured slot-machine simulator, made entirely using C++. Players can make bets, win money, lose money, and spend their money in the in-game shop to unlock new skins and also a mystery item that is worth the price! Made in 2017.

AnimPaint [Creative Software]

AnimPaint is a light-weight digital painting and animation software that I made with Windows GDI using C++. It can be used to draw pictures and make basic animations and export them as frames. Developed in 2018.

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