Professional Summary
Programmer and technical artist who possesses good working knowledge of software engineering principles and programming in various languages. Quickly adapts to new software packages and technologies. Results-oriented, with more than 5 years of experience in games development. Analytical and detail oriented.
Technical Skills
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Swift
  • Git/Source Control
  • AI, Machine Learning
  • Graphical Mathematics
  • OpenGL Implementation
  • 3D Physics Implementation
  • 3D Asset Authoring
  • Character Rigging/Animation
  • Asset Implementation
  • Custom Shader Authoring
  • Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D
Software Development Experience
  • Developed C++ based multi-threaded, networked games
  • Developed custom 3D game engine using OpenGL
  • Designed and Implemented high quality 3D assets
  • Tested and debugged offline and client/server based applications
  • Developed for multiple platforms: Windows, Mobile, Web
  • Wrote clean, clear and well-tested code for various projects.
  • Led and managed teams on 3D game projects.
  • Wrote and tested shader code/GLSL for GPU-based rendering.
Professional Experience
  • [2012] Television Extra in Power Rangers.
  • [2012] Graphic Designer for Why Not? Indie Band.
  • [2013] Event Photographer at Auckland Grammar School.
  • [2013] Comic & Illustration Club Tutor at Auckland Grammar School.
  • [2013] Taekwondo Demonstration Team at Sejong Taekwondo.
  • [2013] Animator for Ludo: Mandoplasm Music Video.
  • [2013] Film Director for Envelope: a silent, short film.
  • [2014] Film Editor in 48 Hour Film Festival.
  • [2014] Game Developer for CastleRise Arcade.
  • [2015] Game Design Lead for Cauldron Cannon.
  • [2015] Game Programming Lead for Escalancers.
  • [2016] Film Extra in MEG.
  • [2016] Lead Character Artist and Art Director for Guns, Camera, Action!
  • [2017] Multidisciplinary Artist for freelance.
  • [2017] Lead Game Artist and Designer for Da Buoys.
  • [2018] Game Developer for Cathedra.
  • [2019] Creatures Department Intern at Weta Digital.
Education & Qualifications
  • [2011] Certificate for Introduction to Web Design at Yoobee School of Design.
  • [2012] Certificate for Introduction to Animation at South Seas Film and TV School.
  • [2013] Finalist of Bright Awards at Media Design School.
  • [2013] National Winner of Music Video Competition at Smokefree Rockquest 2013.
  • [2014-2016] Bachelor of Creative Technologies at Media Design School.
  • [2017-2020] Bachelor of Software Engineering at Media Design School.
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